Let's Wander in the Woodlands and Capture it in Watercolor

Join us on this watercolor art journey as we wander through the Woodlands and gather inspiration to paint elements inspired by what we see and experience. We will paint mushrooms, ferns, and all kinds of woodland-based subjects. We will round out this e-course by creating a tunnel book to as a diorama style journal to capture of all of our wanderings.

Included in this workshop is also the Woodland Wanderings digital discovery journal. A 60 page journal to record all of your woodland wanderings and experiences for future reference, free printables to add to your woodland image collection and traceable templates.

Spend less time on your phone and more time creating with nature

Learn techniques in painting watercolor

With step by step guidance and instruction, paint along with Jennifer to learn the steps and techniques.

Free Printables, reference photos and inspiring woodland walks

The creating isn't finished when the painting is over. Use our free printables to add to your tunnel book or for other projects. We also have free woodland flower and plant reference photos in case you aren't able to get to your own woodlands and videos of walks in the woods.

Create a Tunnel Book and showcase your artwork.

Use the skills you've learned as you've painted along to create a one of a kind tunnel book.

Get the Free Digital Discovery Journal with this e-course

With 62 pages to add photos, notes for reference ,drawings and more. This free digital version of the journal is yours to use over and over again for personal use to keep track of your woodland findings and discoveries.